Our Undergraduate Team!

From top, Collin Lahde, Marcus Pina, Kayla Nguyen, Alexander Pearce, Emerson Parks, Elise Kern, Sonali Vijay. Not pictured: Oluwagbemisola Awonusonu and Akash Shah

Undergraduate Research Requirements

All undergraduate students must complete one semester of volunteer hours (8-10 hrs/week) prior to registering for MCB4911 or BMS4905.  Please note that 1 hour of credit is at least 60 hours in the lab over the semester, including Summer A or Summer B.

After the volunteer qualification form has been accepted, the following paperwork is required to register as a volunteer/undergraduate researcher with Department of Pathology.  The application must be renewed every 12 months from the volunteer’s start date.  Please upload the following documents to the DropBox folder provided for each undergraduate student.

Required Paperwork for Volunteers

  1. Sign the Volunteer Acceptance Letter.
  2. Fill out and sign VOLUNTEER REQUEST TO OBSERVE PATIENT CARE or Access Restricted Information.
  3. Fill out and sign Bloodborne Pathogen Program Training and Vaccination Form Acceptance/Declination Statement.
  4. Fill out the Additional Questionnaire from HR (Excel Sheet).
  5. Record of Volunteer Service.
  6. Emergency Contact Form.
  7. Copy of Government Issued ID or Copy of I-94 front and back, EAD, I-20 and/or D2019 if Foreign National.
  8. Register your UFID under ‘Profile’ in GatorTRACS .
  9. Copy of the training transcript in myTraining.hr.ufl.edu for the following trainings.

1.  HIPPA & Privacy: General Awareness (UF_PRV800_OLT)

2. General Compliance Training for College of Medicine Personnel Who Do Not Require Billing Compliance Training (UF_PBC810v_OLT)

3. BBP/BMW General Training (UF_EHS850C_OLT)

4. Hazardous Waste Management (UF_EHS809_OLT)

5. Chem Hygiene Plan (UF_EHS861_OLT)

6. General Biosafety Training (UF_EHS853_OLT)

7. FERPA Training (PRV802)

Please review the following policies.

We are proud of our undergraduate research team!