Patents & IP

  • Co-inventor for patent application entitled: “Antigen-Specific, Tolerance-Inducing Microparticles and Uses Thereof” by Keselowsky et. al. US Provisional Patent Application Docket No. U.964P/13603 Serial No. 61/405,999 filed October 22, 2010. This technology describes the use of biocompatible biomaterials to elute immunomodulatory agents.
  • Inventor for provisional patent entitled: “Materials and Methods for modulating immune responses”. Brusko et al. UF.1002P. This technology utilizes regulatory T cells and nanoparticle vaccine formulations to induce immune tolerance in autoimmunity.
  • Provisional Patent Application: UF#-14793. Invention Title: “Regulatory T Cells with Chimeric Antigen Receptor for Immune Tolerance to Factor VIII.” Co-Inventors: Todd M. Brusko and Roland Herzog