Lab News

DRC (Diabetes research connection) 2022

CD226 Inhibition to Prevent Regulatory T cell Dysfunction in type 1 diabetes

Melanie Shapiro, PhD
We will assess two strategies for CD226 inhibition in the NOD mouse model. First, we will test how effectively a CD226 blocking antibody at inhibits T1D development. Second, we will measure how well depleting CD226-expressing Tregs improves Treg isolation, expansion, and re-infusion therapy for the prevention of T1D.

These studies will improve our knowledge of the role CD226 plays in T1D development. And we expect the preclinical data we generate will support the initiation of clinical studies of CD226-targeting therapeutics designed to prevent T1D. 

Melanie DRC

HIRN (Human Islet Research Network) 2021

The SIRP:CD47 Signaling Pathway in Pancreatic Beta-Cell Survival

HIRN Emerging Leader Award Recipient 
Robert Sharp, PhD
We will examine the signal regulatory protein (SIRP) family of receptors and their binding partner CD47 and characterize the functional consequences of SIRP:CD47 pathway signaling in human immune cells and islet β-cells and to determine the clinical significance of two T1D risk-associated SNPs tagged to SIRPG (rs2281808 and rs6043409). 

These studies can determine the mechanisms for cell-mediated β-cell destruction and immunoregulation based upon SIRP/CD47 signaling in both immune and islet cells as it pertains to T1D. 

Robert_photo_at BSH