Richard Musca, BS
Biological Scientist II

Richard Musca

Richard has experience with multi-color flow cytometry, including both traditional and spectral cytometry. He is able to design multicolor experiments as well as collect and analyze multicolor flow data. He is experienced in using and troubleshooting several different cytometers (such as BD LSRFortessa and Cytek Aurora). He is trained in the collection of flow data from a variety of different tissues including whole blood, isolated PBMCs, and other primary cells of both mouse and human origin.

Richard is also experienced in designing experiments for Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorters (BD FACSMelody and FACSAria III) to obtain pure populations from heterogeneous samples (such as PBMCs or isolated primary cells).

He is a skilled user of various flow cytometry software including FlowJo for analysis, SpectroFlo for spectral flow data acquisition, FACSDiva for conventional flow data acquisition (LSRFortessa) and cell sorting (FACSAria III), and FACSChorus for cell sorting (FACSMelody).