Daniel J. Perry, PhD
Research Assistant Scientist

Dan Perry

Dr. Perry specializes in immune function and how its dysregulation can result in autoimmunity. His interests at the UF Diabetes Institute (UFDI) are in understanding how genetics and metabolism may affect lymphocyte function, and how they can be manipulated to ameliorate disease. Essential to this is the identification of biomarkers of pre-clinical disease progression and therapeutic responses. Hence, Dr. Perry has undertaken a discovery effort that involves comprehensive immunophenotyping and genotyping in a cohort of type 1 diabetes patients, relatives and controls. These efforts were the impetus for an Immune Monitoring Core, which he Co-Directs, and now offers services for immunophenotyping, genotyping, single-cell sequencing (transcriptome, antigen receptors, epigenome), immunoassays, and more. As the UFDI cohort has grows, he aims to link specific genetic risks and altered immune function to various diabetes endotypes, thus elucidating specific etiological pathways for intervention. In doing so, he is also establishing circulating immune cell reference ranges that will benefit the entire research community.


Curriculum Vitae

Office: (352) 294-8732

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Email: perryd@pathology.ufl.edu