Melanie Shapiro, PhD


Melanie earned her Bachelor of Science Degree specialized in Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics from the University of Maryland in May 2015.

Melanie joined Dr. Todd Brusko’s laboratory as a graduate student in the Interdisciplinary Biomedical Sciences Program and completed her PhD in May 2020.

She is investigating the role of CD226 in the development of T1D in the non-obese diabetic mouse via impacts on central and peripheral tolerance. Melanie is also working in collaboration with the Atkinson lab to evaluate how insulin like growth factors modulate immune function and pancreatic growth in human subjects at risk for type 1 diabetes. She was awarded a predoctoral individual NRSA F31 from the NIDDK in 2018 to study “Roles of the Insulin-like Growth Factor Axis in Pre-Type 1 Diabetes Immune Regulation”.


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