Wen-I Yeh, PhD: Postdoctoral Fellow

WYThe research interest of Dr. Yeh is focused on the regulation and function of immune populations during autoimmune diseases. Dr. Yeh received her doctoral degree at University of Alabama at Birmingham focusing the mechanisms of how CD4 T cells induce multiple sclerosis under the mentorship of Dr. Laurie Harrington. During her predoctoral training, Dr. Yeh focused on the transcriptional regulation in the context of cytokine profile and pathogenicity of both Th1 and Th17 subsets during disease. Expanding her interest in the immunoregulation during type 1 diabetes, Her research in the Brusko Lab focuses on the in vivo functional impact of human antigen-specific Treg cells in diabetic transgenic mouse system induced by human effector T cells.

Email: wiyeh@ufl.edu

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