Daniel J. Perry, PhD: Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Perry’s interest is in understanding the intricacies of immune function and how its dysregulation can result in autoimmunity.  He earned his doctoral degree at the University of Florida, where he studied the genetic causes of systemic lupus erythematosus under the mentorship of Dr. Laurence Morel.  From his graduate research he developed a special interest in the influence of T cell metabolism in skewing from normal immune function to autoimmunity.  His work in the Brusko Lab continues to center on this aspect of T cell metabolism and how it can be manipulated to ameliorate type I diabetes.  In addition, he has received EPIG funding to study how augmentation of T cell receptor-signaling and cytokine-signaling can improve regulatory T cell therapy.


Lab: (352) 273-9300

Email: perryd@pathology.ufl.edu