Jake Miller
Undergraduate Researcher

Jake MillerJake Miller is currently a first-year undergraduate student and researcher studying Microbiology and Cell Science at the University of Florida. Jake joined the Brusko Lab in the Spring of 2022 where his initial research focus comprises studying the immunomodulatory mechanisms of the costimulatory factor CD226 and its relationship to Type 1 Diabetes (T1D), with an emphasis on murine ex vivo experiments. Due to his personal family connection to T1D, his foremost interest involves elucidating the mechanistic immunological pathways associated with beta cell destruction and death and the means by which such a response can be mediated. Jake is also interested in utilizing methods involving stem cell research and regenerative medicine to develop novel approaches to mitigate or eliminate the effects of T1D onset.

Fellowships & Awards

  • UF College of Medicine – 2022 University Scholar
  • UF Center for Undergraduate Research – 2022 Emerging Scholar
  • My BioSource Scholarship – 2021 Recipient
  • 58th National Junior Science, Engineering and Humanities Symposium – 2nd place poster presentation
  • 57th University of Florida Regional Junior Science, Engineering and Humanities Symposium – 1st place poster presentation


Lab: (352) 273-9300

Email: jakemiller@ufl.edu